Professional LCD Display

Sharp is a worldwide leader in flat-panel Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology and Professional Displays. Since the developing the world’s first 14-inc color TFT LCD display in 1998, Sharp has consistently led the industry with larger screen sizes, introducing the first 45-inch class model in 2004 and the first 65-inch class model.


Sharp has met the demand for superior image quality by achieving such "first" as a resolution that is four times higher than that of current HD (4096x2160), the world’s highest contrast ratio (1,000,000:1) and the ultimate in fast-motion image processing with 120 Hz frame rate conversion and fast pixel response time of 4ms.


Experience the best that LCD technology has to offer with Sharp.


Sharp is the worldwide leader in LCD Technology and the Sharp Professional LCD Display are available for Landscape as well as Portrait placements. The Sharp LCD Information Display Panels come in varied sizes from 32' till the World's largest 108". An LCD Information Displays Product now finds its applications in High end Video Conferencing, Flight Information Display, Security Monitoring, Video Wall, Reception Areas, Board Rooms/ Meeting Rooms, Showrooms and Mall Display's, Control Rooms, Museums or virtually anywhere with stunning features like Full HD, 24x7 capability and many more.


Sharp LCD Information Display combined with Video Conferencing allows Multinationals and Corporates to connect to people instantly at dozens of locations in Real Time thus presenting a time and cost saving alternative to travel. The LCD Information Display Device plays the key role in the Video Conference setup as more than 60% of communications that happen are nonverbal and Sharp Full HD LCD Information Display's are able to deliver exact and accurate body language, facial expressions leading to a greater connection and understanding.


Sharp is here to redefine lifestyle with the World's largest 108" LCD Display. Experience the unique amalgamation of stunning looks with breathtaking picture clarity. Now change the way you see things forever.


  • We provide LCD display of following sizes.32",42",46",52",65" & 108".
  • LCD professional displays are different from conventional TVs.
  • The screen of an LCD Product is made up of tiny dots known as 'pixels'. The more pixels, the more detail.
  • The entry level HD READY format has a resolution of 1366 x 768, giving a total of 3.15 million pixels.
  • The most advanced HD standard today is called FULL HD 1080p.


In addition to the benefits of the older "HD READY" specification, these models are also able to display Bluray output at its native output of 24 frames per second, creating the best cinematic experience for your home.

PC Less Conference Suit


With Sharp’s PC Less conferencing suite create a visual and interactive experience.

  • Remove multiple laptops from conference table.
  • Presentation now possible in fully lighted room.
  • Freedom from cumbersome Cables & Wires.
  • Instant web browsing through PC Less suite.


Where to Use:

Small & large Conference Rooms in the Private and Government sectors, Education Sector, Financial Institutions.


Touch Panel


Pen down your ideas with Sharp’s Touch panel application.

  • Enable Proactive communication.
  • Team can share ideas on one platform.
  • Write, annotate & highlight your text.
  • Save Print and email directly with a touch.


Where to Use:

Educational & Training Institutes, Board rooms & Meeting rooms.


E - Signage


Now design, display and advertise your messages with Sharp e-signage solution.

  • Customize your messages
  • Attract, Engage & Educate your customers.
  • Increase brand and product offering awareness
  • Greater impact through video and attention grabbing graphics and sound than static images.


Where to Use:

Airports, Railway Stations, Retail Shops, Educational Institutes, Banking, Hotel Lobbies & Reception Areas & Restaurants, Malls & Multiplexes, Museums and Factories.


Video Conferencing


Have interactive communication between different locations using Sharp’s Video Conferencing.

  • HD video Conferencing through different monitor sizes to suit the number of participants
  • Save travelling time & expenses by connecting multiple locations.
  • Improves effectiveness & reinforce relationships.


Where to Use:

Corporate, Education, Government.


Video wall


Assemble a single display area that is brighter & larger with higher resolution.

  • Create dramatic effects for large audience.
  • 24/7 usage in Landscape and Portrait mode.
  • Can be controlled from remote locations.
  • Noise less and fan free architecture.


Where to Use:

Where to Use: Network Operation Centre & Large auditoriums in Corporate, Malls & Multiplexes & Education sector.


Security Solution


Video surveillance and CCTV remote monitoring can be considered as an enhancement management tool to protect people and property

  • Fan less design with 60,000 hours backlight ensures trouble free operation.
  • 24x7 operations.
  • Up-to 5x5 matrix enlargements can be made without any additional hardware.
  • High contrast and Brightness gives clear picture quality for face recognition.


Where to Use:

Retail, Hotels, health care, Corporates, malls & multiplexes, Museums.