Public Display & ITC Accessories / Touch Screen

Genee Visualiser has a revolutionary motorized digital CCD camera head which allows user to scroll the image up and down and side to side with a smooth movement which assures clarity and ease of operation and allow you to incorporate any printed material, Photographs, 3D objects or OHP transparencies into your electronic presentation.


Genee Visualiser has a market leading specification of 230 X self focusing total zoom and with RS232 connection the images projected or recorded have high definition capability. This means lessons and lectures can be captured on P.C. and reused or uploaded onto a VLE to give near live presentations.


Genee Slate


The Genee Slate is a graphic tablet which will revolutionise the way you teach forever! Wirelessly interacting with your whiteboard, pc or visualiser, the slate allows you use all of these while moving around the office or classroom. Presenters no longer need to stay rooted to one spot while facing an audience, as you can access all your files wherever you are. Free software is also included, providing a library of clip art with over 2,000 images, making the Genee Slate a great benefit to your presentations.



Key Features
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Up to 25 hours of continuous cable free operation
  • Easily recharge battery through computer via USB
  • Built – in –LCD indicator Panel
  • Energy Saving stylus turns pen on/ off
  • Export notes & annotation into various file format
  • 50 Interactive pads can be connected


Click to Control


The Genee Click is terrific laser presentation tools to heighten PowerPoint presentations. Genee Click helps the presenter to move around the room while maintaining a full navigational control of presentations.The Genee Click gathers the function of a laser pointer, wireless mouse and wireless keyboard; it can work with PC, Laptop or Projector as an ideal presentation tool in PowerPoint presentations. Genee Click comes with a transmitter and a USB receiver.



Key Features
  • Laser presentation tool to enhance PowerPoint presentations ideas
  • Wireless mouse
  • Hotkeys of multimedia keyboard
  • Page Up / Down Feature
  • Ergonomic design with Plug in Play


Genee Class Screen


The Genee Classcreen is an interactive TFT screen that works by being connected physically to a computer as it is a touch sensitive flat monitor. It operates with a stylus pen that acts as a mouse. Whatever appears on the screen can be projected onto a larger surface such as an interactive whiteboard through a multimedia projector.



Key Features
  • Digital DVI-D input
  • Scratch-resistant surface for screen protection
  • Anti-glare, anti-reflective screen coating for comfortable viewing
  • Compatible with computer/notebook and Macs
  • Operates with a stylus pen that acts as a mouse
  • Available in 17” or 19” sizes


Interactive Response System


IRS is a radio frequency wireless audience response system bringing revolution in educational assessment. IRS empowers teachers, trainers and presenters to do formative and summative assessment of an audience or classroom response to wide variety of questions formats through genee pads.


All the three models - Gene Pad, IQ Pad and Pebble can be integrated with any preferred software Class Com or CenS- Us



Key Features
  • New 3D interactive games interactive Response System
  • Aid student in their learning in a fun and interactive way
  • Lessons & questions created with the classcomm software or imported from PowerPoint
  • All data is captured and can be used for assessment purposes
  • Data can be viewed as graphs, or simple to read forms.




DUO is the leading brand of wireless digital pen mouse that provides perfect tablet and mouse functions on usual laptops and computers at the most economical price range. DUO is enabling solution to make all Pcs become TABLET computers.



Key Features
  • Fine writing and drawing on screen and virtual space : maintain constant writing speed by tracking down pen location 80 times per second
  • Aero pen touch ; Able to use mouse and pen fucntions on screen or separate virtual spacet
  • Virtual writing pressure support : enabling pen-brush typed writing and drawing by patented technology of transforming speed into pressure
  • Microsoft Ink library Support : enabling smooth writing and drawings by fully utilizing microsoft ink Library
  • Word recognition : Hand wirting characters may be saved either as cursive letterings or ASCII charactrs.
  • Gesture recognition : able to move and scroll screen to right, left, up and drawn according to pen’s gesture
  • Note-taking : save notes directly into computer as users write on notebooks for later editing and using
  • Microsoft Windows Log Vertification : 100% support for Microsoft Windows Vista pen related functions by “Plug-n Play”