Solar Power

Sharp is the industry leader in solar photovoltaic modules. Sharp began its research on Solar Cells way back in 1959, almost 48 years ago and today it is leading the way into the era of clean energy. Our range of solar modules reflects on our experience in setting commercial solar systems worldwide. By harnessing the solar energy resource through superior technology, Sharp photovoltaic panels are used on solar electricity installations worldwide.



Sharp began research on solar cells in 1959, almost exactly 48 years ago. Research on solar cells was low profile and unspectacular compared to the development of home appliances that dominated the market at that time. Sharp researchers, however, diligently pursued this clean energy conversion technology. They were convinced that utilizing the inexhaustible and cheap energy of the sun to create electricity-with no toxic substances or CO2 and without causing noise or vibration-would enable society to continue living in peace and abundance well into the future.


Recently, the movement to introduce and expand renewable energy is gaining momentum, particularly in Europe, but also in the US, China, and the rest of Asia. As a result, demand for photovoltaic power systems is skyrocketing.


With the know-how and technologies gained from long years of experience in this field, Sharp is furthering R&D on a wide variety of solar cells and pursuing the potential for still wider use of solar energy. Sharp has now been the No.1 leader in solar cell production for the past seven years in a row, since 2000 leading the way into the era of Clean Energy with Solar Power.Sharp's has wide range of Products including Mono/Multi Crystalline Module, Thin Film Module & Building Integrated Photovoltaic Modules (BIPV). Sharp has the capability to provide complete solutions across all sectors including Small PV Lighting Systems for Rural Application , Solar Power Pack for Railway & Telecom Application, Large Capacity Standalone/ Hybrid /Grid Connect Power Plant for Corporates, PSUs & Utilities.


Sharp has recently announced a new 1 Giga Watt, largest ever manufacturing facility for Thin Film Modules in Osaka.


Available Models




  • ND -120T 1
  • NE - 78T1
  • NE – 80E2EA
  • NU – SOE3E


Solar Street Light