Genee Visualiser has a revolutionary motorized digital CCD camera head which allows user to scroll the image up and down and side to side with a smooth movement which assures clarity and ease of operation and allow you to incorporate any printed material, Photographs, 3D objects or OHP transparencies into your electronic presentation.


Genee Visualiser has a market leading specification of 230 X self focusing total zoom and with RS232 connection the images projected or recorded have high definition capability. This means lessons and lectures can be captured on P.C. and reused or uploaded onto a VLE to give near live presentations.


Genee Vision 6100



Key Features
  • 22x optical zoom
  • 10x digital zoom
  • ¼ CCD Lens
  • Image capture
  • Video capture
  • Animation tool
  • Split screen
  • Positive/negative
  • Dynamic/static
  • Scroll option
  • Light box
  • Freeze


Genee Vision 8100



Key Features
  • Vertical head rotation 330°
  • Horizontal head rotation 270°
  • 23x Optical Zoom
  • 10x Digital Zoom
  • 230x Total Zoom
  • Title function
  • Split screen
  • Mirror
  • Negative
  • Save 7 images without the need for a computer
  • USB 2.0 for faster data transfer
  • RS232 for HD compatibility
  • Use with ClassComm and CenS-Us
  • Built in 8- 1/2" LED light box


Genee Scope


The Genee Scope is a NEW portable digital microscope for inside, and outside (with a portable laptop). It has a USB connection so you can magnify, capture and modify your images. This microscope has almost no moving parts and is robustly housed in a tough plastic case ensuring high durability and minimum cleaning requirements. Powered by USB from the PC/Laptop the Genee Scope uses low energy, making it an environmental friendly, green 21st century solution.


The ergonomic shape fits snugly in your hand or onto the sleek, sturdy base. The Genee Scope has a 20x, 40x and 100 x magnification ranges and cool bright LED lighting on top and bottom. Excellent for viewing specimens or slides.



Key Features
  • Rapid focusing
  • Housed in a plastic case enabling high durability and minimal maintenance
  • Cord Management Handle System
  • Removable camera/magnification head
  • LED illumination: Cool Lighting
  • Sleek size for easy storage
  • Comfortable and easy to grip ergonomic shape
  • Sturdy metal base
  • USB port
  • Minimal moving and spare parts
  • Hidden battery compartment
  • Easy to grip handle to move the lens up and down
  • Adjustable lens height giving you easy focus
  • Small and discreet button for over and underneath lighting


Genee Vision Elite


The New Genee Vision Elite is a high performance desktop visualiser. The LCD Screen means you don’t need to check whats show on the whiteboard which means you don’t need to have your back to the class. The 2 million pixels give excellent detail when zooming into objects or text.


Key Features
  • Prepare in advance for presentations, complex charts and grids.
  • Quickly and easily create slides from multiple data sources and external systems.
  • Manage data in a controlled, organized and protected way.
  • Present documents or brain-storm ideas in board meetings, presentations and training.
  • Keep meetings lively and interesting and retain audience focus.
  • Demonstrate products, applications, features and ideas to large groups of people.
  • Save time and money by eliminating high cost of creating and distributing print-outs.
  • Genee Diamond Vision lens for optimum clarity
  • 4 x 4 capture review
  • 2 million pixels CMOS camera
  • Built in LCD screen
  • HDMI Output
  • One touch image rotation for easy full page viewing
  • 12 x optical zoom, 10 x electrical zoom (120x Total Zoom)